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Becoming a search and rescue (SAR) and community emergency response team (CERT), volunteer can add meaning and excitement to your favorite outdoor activities. All search and rescue volunteers have a specialty which makes them more suited towards specific operations. Each member is equally valuable and makes this team possible

The most common and probably easiest position is a simple hiking or backpacking search and rescue volunteer. However, there is a lot more; you can also volunteer as a search and rescue (SAR) or community emergency response team (CERT) member. It is very important to not let the term volunteer fool you into thinking that anyone can join. Search and Rescue coordinators and team leaders won't send you hiking into the woods if you're not in the condition to do so. This does not mean you cannot find a place within our organization.

The basic motto of search and rescue is to help others out of bad situations, not to get stuck yourself. Here in BOONDOCKS K9 S.A.R - CERT, we condition, learn, and train as often as we can. Basic classes and certification are mandatory without exception. Also take in consideration: Just because you are accepted into a SAR - CERT group doesn't mean you are always a member. Our team has regular training sessions and strict regulations on certification renewal. Volunteers must stay in shape and continue to hone their skills. We must be prepared at all times!

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We are a volunteer, non-profit organization so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please take into consideration that this requires your own funding to cover your expenses; including training to participating in search and rescue efforts, which can vary in cost. For example if our unit is required to deploy, each volunteer is often responsible for traveling expenses, as well as fuel, and lodging. We make this notation because we need you to remember that we are a non-profit organization that runs strictly on the thoughtful donations from our community. Additionally, Boondocks has added expenses for training, certifications, vet bills, feeding, dog care, and costly specialized equipment.

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