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Equipment needed for our Unit! 

This equipment will help us better serve communities in need while saving us money. In the past we have had to rent such equipment which not only takes time but a large amount of money as well. In having this equipment ourselves it will save us time and in the long run help us spend financial donations in a more meaningful way.

Flat bed crew cab 350 diesel dually

This will help us move heavy equipment and pallets. The crew cab will enable us to pack vehicles with volunteers and limit the number of vehicles in the convoy. Must have regular tow package and 5th wheel tow package.

Equipment Van 250

These vans will enable us to carry smaller equipment while keeping them out of the elements, instead of the open trailers we are currently using. Needs to be 250 with a regular tow package so that we can hook up a trailer if need be

4-person Side by Side

These vehicles will enable us to get people into places that vans and trucks can not go. The rack can be used to tie down supplies and the bucket in the back can also not only carry supplies but could also carry a K9 or a victim to get them to the main vehicles quickly for help.

Zodiac Type rafts

Need to be at least 12-14 feet. These rafts will give us the agility and fast response we need to get people out of harm’s way quickly

Jet Power Marine Engine

We need a 40 Jet Power Marine Engine. These Engines do not have propellers which enables them to be used in very shallow water, as well as mud, swamps, salt water, and fresh water without the worry of hitting anything with a propeller There is no worry of cutting ropes or other equipment or people again because of the lack of a propeller.


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