We need Sponsors 2020 /2021

Boondocks K9 SAR – CERT Unit Inc.

Florida & Puerto Rico Headquarters

P.O.BOX 213

Sumterville, FL 33585

At Boondocks K9 SAR – CERT Unit Inc. (Boondocks) we value each and every donation we receive from our supporters. With this in mind, it's our goal to show donors how they can make the most of their contributions.

Boondocks operates year round, offering Search and Rescue, as well as Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) and Disaster Recovery services to communities locally, nationally and internationally. Being a non-profit organization Boondocks depends on donations for travel, lodging, and supplies for volunteers as well as those it serves. In the past, it has relied on the generosity of its volunteers to fund the office and travel needs. This has resulted in high turnover, difficulty in attracting qualified personnel, and limited continuity for the participants whose success depends on maintaining positive attitudes and building meaningful relationships within the communities served.

As we have been building these relationships we are seeing the desire for our services grow. Consequently, Boondocks is finding it necessary to request donations from Supporters to assist its efforts of providing the services it has pledged. A contribution for our 2020 / 2021 funding will give us the jump-start we need while we continue our meaningful work.

I believe Boondocks services are consistent with its mission to support communities locally, nationally and internationally, affected by any type of disaster. Finally, it is my wish that you will also see the need for Boondocks services, and find it in your heart and budget a way to support this program.

If I can provide additional information to encourage consideration of this request, please feel free to contact me at (877) 354-0810. I will be happy to personally communicate with you or your committee to discuss this request.

Boondocks K9 SAR - CERT funding is divided in 4 categories:

Financial Sponsorship

A corporation can choose to become a corporate sponsor by making a financial donation to an organization, cause, business or individual. The level of support often dictates the type and amount of exposure offered by the beneficiary. For example, for our vehicles or boats, placement and size of sponsor logos on them is dictated by the dollar amount of sponsor support. This practice also holds true for other scenarios, such as logos on the hats of our team members or sponsor name displayed on our gear or the k9's gear.


Corporate sponsorship can also exist when a business supplies products or goods to a beneficiary in exchange for sponsorship benefits. The type of products or goods supplied can vary depending on the need of the beneficiary. Some examples might include a beverage distributor supplying bottled water for Disaster areas, a clothing manufacturer providing T-shirts for volunteers or a distributor of sunglasses supplying free sunglasses to volunteers.


In some situations, a corporation may choose to become a corporate sponsor by providing business-related services. These services may be directly related to the company's business purchased on behalf of the supported organization. For example, a telephone company might provide free communications services for a large event, a waste management company might provide free trash removal for a music festival or a party rental company might supply chairs and tables for a formal fundraiser.

Marketing & Public Relations

Corporate sponsorship can also be nothing more than a marketing or public relations opportunity for the sponsor. Becoming a sponsor to gain naming rights for a building, event facility, wing of a hospital or part of an art gallery can be a long-term sponsorship opportunity for a business to become associated with the supported organization. These opportunities are typically ongoing, with the sponsor making regular donations.

We need you as a sponsor to continue to develop our organizations programs, which will make an important difference in the lives of the communities we serve.

*Any Donations can be done at our website www.boondocksk9.org/donations

**Any Donations by Corporate Companies please make check payable to:

Boondocks k9 SAR – CERT Unit Inc.

P.O. Box 213 Sumterville, Florida. 33585


Luis Vega, President/COO

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Sumterville, FL 33585

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